When Patrick returned to King's Landing, he received training requests from the 1st and 3rd armies, and was called the Grim Reaper by the 1st and 3rd armies, as well as the 8th and 2nd armies who had originally called him the Grim Reaper.

A month later, Patrick received a written order.

'You're on a mission! We're leaving the next morning on the second combat deployment! All hands, prepare!
The soldiers salute Patrick's order, and hastily begin preparations.

The second combat deployment is the equipment for the extermination of the bandits.
These include disguised carriages and leather armor in the style of adventurers.

Incidentally, the first battle deployment is the equipment for the rear distraction in the war in its original form.
The third deployment is for demons.


1,Destroy the bandits that appear on the northern road.

2,Reconnaissance of territorial management on the road.

3. Report any other irregularities.

That's all.