By a written order from General Castrol Andretti, the 8th Army left the next day.
To the north.

Only the platoon under Patrick's direct command took a different course.
Because he thought that bandits on the street were of a lower rank than the current 8th Army and would be easy prey.
That's how confident I am in my training.
And before we left,

'Listen up! I won't allow any of you to die! Everyone come back alive! If even one of you dies, we'll double your training! Remember the training we've done so far! After all we've been through, there's no way we can lose! If one of us is in danger, follow up with everyone! Okay?

I told them.
The soldiers turned pale when they heard the number was doubled.

Patrick and the others were a little behind the 8th Army, just barely within visual range on the plain, and were checking the 8th Army's movements.

'Oh, there they are, the bandits.
'Disguising yourself as a merchant troop is still effective.
'Bandits are so stupid.
'Oh, the battle has begun.
'But aren't the bandits too weak? It's almost over, isn't it?
'Didn't they think that all the scattered merchants would be attacked by their own people?
'There's a reasonable distance between them, and if it's another merchant force, they'll ignore the attacked one and run away.
'Ah, it's over.
'It took less than ten minutes.
'Good job!

The poor bandits had been annihilated, except for a few prisoners.