80-a piece of silver

Patrick left the rest of his squad to follow the 8th Army for surveillance and follow-up, and only Patrick's squad left the road.

The purpose was to inspect the villages and towns along the road.

This time, we disguised ourselves as adventurers and traveled by horse.
We went through several villages.
When we arrived at a town, we were charged a silver coin to enter the town.
It's called an entrance tax.

The amount is left up to the territory, but one silver coin is too high.
The cheapest you could get was three copper coins, and the most expensive was ten copper coins.
'Are you sure this is the place?
'Yes, I believe it was the domain of Major General Newgarden.
'That Pig Major General?

There's a lack of activity in the town.
There are few wagons.
This is because there were not many wagons entering the town in the first place, but I wonder if the reason is just the entry tax or something else.

At any rate, we decided on an inn for tonight and listened in the inn's dining room.
Since there are not many people staying at the inn, I can hear the voices very well.
This inn is a mid-range inn, so it would normally be crowded with merchants.

'Merchants like us can get by with paying silver coins, but individual vendors won't make any money if they pay silver coins.
'That's true, so things will be scarce and prices will rise, and we'll make a lot of money, but overall, there won't be much. The cost of accommodation has also gone up by about four copper coins since we last came.
'This is going to get more and more expensive, isn't it?

While listening to the conversation of the merchants, we looked at the meal that had been brought to us.
Two pieces of black bread and vegetable soup. Sauteed sheep's meat.
It's not very salty.
Patrick felt that he needed to investigate whether it was only this town or other towns as well.