81-a piece of silver again

The next day, early in the morning, they rode their horses to the other towns in Newgarden territory.

'Here too?
'Why are they raising the prices so much?'
'Either to raise money or to reduce the number of people coming and going, I guess.'

'Reduce the flow of people in and out?
'It's a way to reduce the number of people coming in and out so as not to spread any rumors about the territory.
'Maybe there's something we just don't know about. Well, it could be that the pig is just collecting money.

I stayed at a cheap inn that day.
I didn't see any adventurers, who would normally be staying there, and only merchants stood out.
Speaking of which,
'Well, I haven't seen any adventurers in town, have I?
Patrick realized that now.
'Indeed! Normally, I'd definitely see them! That's strange!
What in the world is going on in Newgarden?