Patrick decided to head for the capital of Newgarden territory.

'Two silver pieces! Give them to me now! If you don't have them, leave!
These were the words he was told upon entering the city.

'It's not lively, but there are few people, aren't there?
This was my impression upon entering the city.
The sun was still high in the sky, and it would have been normal for the city to be overflowing with people.

Patrick hadn't registered as an adventurer, so he asked Mirko to go to the adventurer's guild.
Most commoner soldiers have worked at the Adventurer's Guild before joining the army.
For various reasons, such as to eat or to learn how to use weapons.
And when Mirko returned, a report came from his mouth.

'It seems that the dungeon has overflowed.

Dungeons. This may not be necessary to explain to the reader, but I will.
In this world, there is magic power.
Magic is found in all kinds of things.
In living things, in minerals.

And the air!

When magic power accumulates in natural caves, it becomes a very comfortable place for demons to live.
In such places, demons arise or breed and multiply.
It is the job of soldiers and adventurers to kill and exterminate demons when they are in reasonable numbers.

Apparently, they were too stingy with their money and neglected the extermination.
Sending soldiers costs money.
Sending adventurers to hunt requires a reward.
That money is a necessary expense.
If you're stingy and don't spend it, the demons will multiply and by the time you realize it, it'll be too late.

It seems that the territorial army and adventurers dispatched in a panic were met with heavy blowback, causing many injuries and deaths.
It seems that they did not tell the adventurer's guild in the territory and did not report it to the country.
When merchants come, adventurers come to protect them. They'll go to the guild. The chance of information leaking increases.
That's why they kept the people from coming.

There's no way you can hide it.

Mirko had the guild's receptionist hold two silver coins and ask her.

I gave the two silver coins to Mirko on the spot and asked him the rest of the story.
The dungeon is still full of demons, and the remaining soldiers and adventurers are doing their best to prevent them from entering the city.

'Let's go back to King's Landing! Mirko, bring the 8th army here, I'll report to His Majesty and be back soon!

The two of us on Mirko's side and the two on Patrick's side left the city in a hurry.