83-a military charge by the armed forces

Patrick returned to King's Landing after two days of riding, and immediately reported to Lieutenant General Simon.

Lieutenant General Simon to General Andretti.
General Andretti reported it to His Majesty,
The next day, preparations were made in a panic, and early in the morning of the following day, the Second Army left King's Landing for Newgarden with full equipment.
Major General Newgarden, the second in charge of military affairs, was detained on suspicion of concealing information.

Five days later, the second army arrives at Newgarden and joins the eighth army that has already entered the city.

Lieutenant General Simon and Patrick detained and interrogated the head of the Adventurer's Guild to get a full picture of the situation.
They dispatch 100 men to Newgarden House and take it into custody.
The commander of the territorial army had already fled, and his second-in-command was desperately trying to take charge.
The adventurers retreated to the rear as the national army joined forces to carry out the dungeon eradication mission.

Goblins, Orcs, Ogres, Grey Wolves, Cyclops, and a wide variety of demons overflowed from the entrance of the dungeon.

The small goblins were nearly destroyed by the archers' simultaneous fire, and there were over 500 goblins.

The spearmen charged the orcs. The cavalry used their speed to take out the ogres. The Eighth Army took on the Wolves.

And the best of the best took on the Cyclops.