84-Red Death

Since there was no king class, the national army was able to defeat the demons somewhat smoothly.

Of course, they're not unharmed.
There were many wounded and dead.

But the hardest battleground is the soldiers fighting the Cyclops.
One Cyclops would have been fine, but there were five of them.

They were aiming for the eyes with arrows, but Cyclops are not stupid.
They know that their eyes will be targeted, so they constantly cover their eyes with one hand and run around with their big bodies.
If he is hit, he will be seriously injured.
Wayne, now the ace of the second army, leads his men against the Cyclops.

'Well, Wayne's a monster now, isn't he? He's not a man who can fight a Cyclops.
Wayne alone is holding off one Cyclops while his subordinates command him to hold off the other.
I can't even see his spear move.
The Cyclops is wounded and bleeding.

The other good men are also pushing the Cyclops with several men.


A certain Cyclops was fighting an invisible enemy.
There's nothing there. And yet the wounds multiply.
The Cyclops thinks. What am I fighting?
He flails his arms in the dark, but they only cut through the air.
There's nothing under my feet.
And yet, the wounds keep increasing.

(You're moving too much.)
Patrick was inwardly terrified.
If the Cyclops' arm hit him, Patrick's body would die instantly.

If he swung his arm in the dark, he would be seriously injured.
He dodged everything by the skin of his teeth, but there was nothing he could do but dodge. If he were to be caught, his arm would not be broken.
He is repeatedly dodging and slashing, falling back and rushing in.
He switched from the machete to the sword, and aimed at the back of the joint, focusing on the cutting power. Even the back of the knee is at the position of Patrick's head, so there are only the back of the knee and the Achilles tendon to aim at.

After several slashes, he finally succeeded in severing the tendon behind the knee of the right leg.
With his knees down, he was finally able to aim at his side.
The intestines of the Cyclops pop out from the slashed side.

Patrick grabs the intestines and pulls them out at high speed.
As if to prevent this, the Cyclops presses down on his side with both hands.
Finally, his eyes are open!

Patrick aims his arrow-shaped shuriken at the eye!
With a thud, the shuriken pierces his eye.
Cyclops barks and moves his hand to pull the shuriken out of his eye.
Patrick pulls at his gut again.
He bleeds from his eyes and his side.
Patrick's blood spurts all over him.

When the intestines are severed, the food inside overflows and a foul odor wafts out.
The Cyclops rolls around on the ground in pain.

Finally, he succeeds in slashing at its neck.
Blood spurts out like a fountain, turning the area into a sea of blood.

'That's the Grim Reaper.

Someone muttered.

'The Red Reaper!

Someone shouted.

Wayne had finished killing the Cyclops, and the best men had killed two of them, leaving only one left.
The Cyclops that Wayne's men had been holding back.
Patrick throws a shuriken as soon as the Cyclops' hand leaves his eye.

The shuriken sticks in one shot.
Wayne and the rest of the best men start running towards Cyclops.

Patrick looks around.
It looks like the end is in sight.

There's a thud, the sound of a large object falling.