Exhausted, Patrick sits on the Cyclops and looks around.

Corpses of demons abound, soldiers weeping over the corpses of soldiers in various places.
The wounded moaning.

It's all Pig Major General's fault.
If he had spent his money properly, none of this would have happened.

Goblins and other useless monsters were burned. Orcs were turned into meat.
Wolves were stripped of their fur and burned.
Cyclopses were burned except for their eyeballs and liver, which could be used as medicine.
If left untreated, they could cause disease.

After the cleanup, the national army headed home.

With the dead and wounded in their wagons, the army heads for the capital. With joy and sorrow on board.

Patrick joined the 8th Army.
There were wounded but no dead.
I was just happy about that.

The Earls of Newgarden had all their property confiscated and demolished. They were downgraded to commoners and sent to King's Landing.
They weren't put to death because they hadn't betrayed the crown.
The territorial commander who escaped was later arrested and sent to the mines.

Newgarden is now under the direct control of the royal family, and will soon become the domain of another noble family.