After returning to King's Landing, the 2nd and 8th Armies were given two days' leave.

Patrick, however, was summoned by the King.

The place was the audience hall.

Patrick kneels and bows his head.

The King enters and sits on his throne.
'Viscount Patrick von Snakes, raise your head.
Prime Minister Bendrick, standing aside, says.
Patrick responds shortly and looks up.

'If you hadn't reported this matter, there's a good chance it would have become a big problem. You did well to notice and report it. Therefore, you will be rewarded.
Prime Minister, take the inventory.
The Prime Minister nodded at the King's words and read out a sheet of paper.

'One, Viscount Patrick von Snakes, is hereby created a Count.
One, the entire remainder of the former Viscount Harter's domain is to be made the Earldom of Snakes.
Count Patrick von Snakes shall be made a lieutenant colonel.
That is all.

Patrick said,
Patrick replies, 'Thank you for your happiness, and I will continue to devote my strength to the service of His Majesty the King and his people.
He replied.

The king nodded,
'See you later, Patrick. This is my reward to you. Take it.'
He signals to the Prime Minister, who brings a small wooden box in front of Patrick.

It's a wooden box a little bigger than his palm.
He takes it.
'Hmm. Cheer up! Oh, yes, Patrick.'
'You haven't applied for a family crest yet, have you? I've decided and applied for one for you!
The king grinned and left the audience hall.


Oh, I've done it.

He was in a cold sweat inside.

After leaving the audience hall, Patrick sat on a bench in the courtyard of the royal castle and opened the lid of a wooden box.

'What's this?

There was a bracelet in the shape of a snake.