87-young girl

Patrick picked up the bracelet and took a closer look.

'I see, it opens here and attaches to your arm, let's try it on.
With a clunk, the bracelet was placed on Patrick's left wrist.
The gap between the two quickly disappeared and the bracelet was fastened perfectly to his arm.
Patrick wondered,

'How do I get this off?
The part that had just opened was gone.

'Well, that's okay. I'm fine wearing what you gave me.

Except for the military, he was an almost carefree thinker.

Patrick stood up from the bench to walk back to the military barracks, looking at the bracelet.
With a thump, something bumped into him.

There's a high-pitched squeal, and the girl falls on her ass.

'Oh, I'm sorry, sir. I was looking over my shoulder. Are you hurt?'

Patrick takes the girl's hand and helps her to stand up.
She was about twelve years old.
She has a thin body, short blond hair. She has blue eyes.

The clothes she wears are a little different from the rest of the world, but they give off a sense of luxury.
'No, no, I'm the one who's looking away. I apologize.
I'm relieved to see you're not hurt.

'Yes, I'm fine.
'I'll leave you to it then.
Patrick bows and leaves.

The girl who was left behind looked at Patrick's back,
The girl who was left behind saw Patrick's back and smiled.


The door to the king's private chambers slams open.
The girl who came in called out to the king in a cheerful voice.
'Sona, I've always told you to knock when you enter.
The king gently scolds the girl for calling him father.

'Yes, I'm sorry. But! Please listen to me! Today, when I was taking a walk in the courtyard, I was finally able to talk to him!
'That person?

'Oh my god! I told you before! I told you I found a nice gentleman at the ceremony!
The king remembered.

'Oh, you said something about that. He said he didn't know who it was because there were so many nobles and soldiers at the ceremony, but there shouldn't have been many from outside today. You might know who it is. What does the man look like?
The king asked the girl,
'Well, I'd say he's about 16 years old. Judging by his clothes, he's the head of a military noble family. She has a black head of hair and dark eyes...'
As soon as he said that, a man appeared in the king's mind.

'He had a snake bracelet on his left arm!
I'm sure of it.

It was Patrick.