88-new home

When Patrick returned to the barracks, he had a visitor in his room.

There is a janitor in the barracks.
A janitor, as the name implies, is a person who manages. Their main job is to feed, clean and maintain discipline.

They are mainly the wives and children of soldiers who have died in the war.
Occasionally, some soldiers bring civilians into the barracks, so they do spot checks.

Today's inspection was of Patrick's room.
No advance notice, of course.
Actually, Patrick just found out about it.

And when the janitor entered the room, he saw something,

He shouted!

The thing he was looking at.

A snake.

'Yes! I'm sorry.
Patrick has been sitting on the floor for about an hour now, being lectured.

No pets allowed in the barracks.

And the last thing he said was,

'Get out of here now!

Patrick has lost his place to sleep.

'Ahhhh, what should I do?
A man with a large backpack on his back and a large snake wrapped around his neck walks through King's Landing.

Well, he stands out and stands out.
I tried to stay at an inn, but they all refused me.
The reason, as they say, is the snake around his neck.
How about the snake in the neck?

Have you ever heard of the anaconda snake?
A snake over eight meters long. A snake as big as that.

Anacondas are not venomous, but the snake, which clings to Patrick's neck and entire body, is bluish green with a triangular head.

Triangle-headed snakes are usually vipers.
In this world of close proximity to nature, it is natural to grow up being told to stay away from triangle-headed snakes.

That means you can't get a place to stay.

Patrick decided to go to a real estate agent.

There were no properties available for immediate occupancy.
That day, Patrick camped out in the training grounds.

Later, he arrived at the house he had been introduced to and purchased.
'So this is it.
There was a mansion in front of him.
'It's huge.
Patrick thinks back to the order he gave to the real estate agent.

A mansion with a big room that he could move into as soon as possible. The price is up to 100 gold coins!
Patrick had been earning a fair amount of money from his prize.

At any rate, we opened the gate with the key given to us and entered the grounds.
It's a rundown place, but the garden is big. No, it's too big.
When I reached the entrance of the mansion and unlocked the door, I noticed the size of the hall and the luxurious staircase in front.
'Why is this place worth 100 gold coins?
Patrick wonders, but then he sees something moving in black beyond his vision.
In fact, this property was the residence of the Viscount Harter family in the royal capital.
The house had been demolished in the rebellion, and the property had been sold to the royal family, but even the royal family would waste money managing a house they didn't use.
It was immediately sold to a real estate agent in the capital.

The real estate agent hired adventurers to clean the mansion and cut the grass, but there was a problem.
Somehow, rats had taken up residence in the mansion.
Rats? You would think that you could just get rid of them.
But they're not just any rats.
It's a demon rat.

A demon called a Gigar rat.
They are between 50 centimeters and a meter long, and are hated by adventurers because they are fertile, brash, and intelligent. Their flesh stinks and their fur is brittle, making them useless and stronger than goblins.
They attack by using their speed to their advantage.

About 200 of them.
And if you fail to kill even a few of them, they will multiply in the blink of an eye.
There was no way the house could be sold if it was infested with rats.
The real estate agent wanted to get rid of it as soon as possible.

Patrick was Patrick for buying the house without looking at it.
'Pichan, you can eat.

Pichan is the name of a snake.
He has no sense of naming.
I would like to question for an hour what part of the snake is called Pichan.
When the snake was called Pee-chan, it immediately jumped on the Gigarat in front of it as if it understood human language.