89-Peachan's dining situation

A few hours later, Pichan was lying in the entrance hall with a swollen stomach.

Patrick asked the adventurer to clean and cut the grass.
For the time being, the cleaning of the house was finished.
The adventurer was exhausted from cleaning up the rat droppings.
There was no furniture at all, so he slept on a blanket that day.

The next day, he bought only bedding.
There was no need for a chest of drawers, as his belongings would only fit in a backpack.

From that day on, Patrick was free from Pichan's hunt for food.
After all, the food lives in the house.
Pichan goes around to each room and eats mice.
He gets bigger and bigger. The quantity of food increases.

Two months later, the rats disappeared from the house.
It seems they were exterminated.
He thought he would have to go hunting for food again, but people told him that the snake would be fine without eating for several months.
Patrick came up with the idea of taking Pichan to the forest once a month and letting her hoard her food.

Take Pichan to the forest,
'Go ahead.
He put her on the ground and she disappeared into the grass without a sound.
A few minutes later, I hear something screaming.
When she returned, her stomach was swollen like a barrel.

Patrick lifted her up,
'Too heavy!
and returned to the house.