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Let's talk about the Snakes' territory.

The former Rigsby territory is a rich territory by nature, not a territory that would normally have debts.

This is due to the overuse of pigs.

Three generations before Patrick, the head of Rigsby started loan-sharking.
The money was used to make ale and wine, a business that began two generations earlier.
The first generation of the family noticed a decline in the harvest due to the continuous cultivation of wheat, and developed a method of intercropping beans.
The beans were similar to soybeans on Earth.
Originally, the Rigsbys seemed to have been a capable family.

Their territory was blessed with water, vast wheat fields and vineyards.

The wheat paid as a tax was not converted into gold, but remained as wheat and was paid to the king as a tax.
The rest of the wheat is turned into ale. Grapes, of course, are made into wine.
Wheat as food, ale, and wine are the main industries of the former Rigsby lands.
Liquor is very profitable.
If you make it, you can sell it.

That's why the old Rigsby family had so much money that they were even called the loan sharks of the kingdom.
But the pigs' spending had wiped out most of their reserves.
However, because the Westin family disappeared, the debt also disappeared.
In addition, the jewels that the pigs had collected had been given directly to the Snakes, so they had plenty of money.

Patrick was not a heavy drinker, but he did enjoy it.
Due to his memories of his previous life, he was quite dissatisfied with ale.
In a previous life, Patrick had been a whiskey drinker.
So he called a craftsman and had him build a distiller.
He distilled the ale to make something like whiskey.

It was a hit!
It made three times as much money as cheap ale.
He got carried away and made brandy from wine.
This time, with the help of the winemaker and the elves, I used time magic (a rare magic) to age the wine for three years at a time.
Since the demand for wine was high, we couldn't make enough, but if we sold it to the nobility, we could make a fortune.
Of course, we sent it to the royal family as a tribute.

Now, the former Viscount Harter's territory was not suitable for farming.
The reason for this is the vast lake and the surrounding marshlands.
The former Viscount Harter's main industry was fishing.
However, in a world without aquaculture technology, the consequences of consuming too much fish are obvious.

The catch would fall year by year, and the money would run out, leading to debt.

Patrick found some grass in the swampy area when he went on his inspection.
Quite a lot of it.
To the villagers,
'Aren't you going to eat this?
I asked him,
He replied, 'It looks like wheat, but it can't be made into bread. So we feed it to chickens and pigs.
So we feed it to chickens and pigs.

Yes, rice!
Patrick immediately recommended the cultivation of rice and declared that the Count's family would buy all the rice they produced.
Of course, it was for sake.
Because of the lack of rice polishing technology, the sake was not as clear as the sake of the earth, but was slightly brown.
Also, mirin (sweet cooking rice wine) and soy sauce made from soybeans.
The new seasonings and the new sake were popular in the capital.

The Snakes' domain became the second most prosperous domain after King's Landing.

But that was a few years later.