91-want a maid

The Snakes are an upstart family.

There is only one head.
Connections are important to a noble family.
Marriages and sons-in-law can lead to kinship, which can lead to factions and disputes.
Patrick no longer has any relatives.
Because he killed them.

So he's only related to his mother's family, the Kanans.

Patrick is happy to be free of ties, but he has a problem.
He doesn't have any connections to hire anyone.
He can't hire someone who is a distant relative of someone else, and he can't hire a classmate because he hasn't attended the academy where the children of noble families attend.

Patrick, who bought a mansion in the capital and is living with one person and one animal, has an ongoing problem with cleaning the mansion. The only rooms he uses are the entrance hall and the room where he sleeps, but he can't clean the toilets, shower rooms, corridors, do the laundry, or buy food.
I've hired a man through the Canaanns, but he's working on the estate.
'I wish I had a maid.
Patrick mutters.

The best friend he has in the army is Wayne, but Wayne has a new son-in-law. To Lieutenant General Simon.
To Lieutenant General Simon,
'I'd like to hire a maid, do you know any good places?
I asked him.
'Maids are usually the fourth and fifth daughters of noblemen of our faction,' he replied, 'There are agencies, but they only have people who lack knowledge and education to work in noblemen's houses.
He replied.
This was the first time I knew that a maid needed knowledge and education.
As I walked through the barracks, I saw my Uncle Trolla, the Baron Canaan, walking by.
'Uncle! I called out to him.
'Oh! Patrick! I've never seen you in the barracks before. I'm usually stuck in the castle, so I don't have much time for the barracks! Gah-hah!

Laughing wildly at my uncle,
'Do you have any maids? In fact, I bought a house, but I can't be bothered to clean it.
I'll ask him about it.

'Hmm, you bought a house? Where is it?

'It's the old Viscount Harter residence.

'It's too big for one person to live in, but it's appropriate for a Countess. How many people do you want?'
'For now, it's just me and my pet, so one is enough.
I said,

He said, 'Hmm, I'll check with my acquaintances.

I bowed my head and said, 'Thank you,

When I bowed to him, he said, 'A Count doesn't bow easily! You should be a little more respectable.
He left with a laugh.