94-three years

Family crest

A coat of arms that represents a family.

Royal families use an eagle as a motif.
Samurai and noble families use swords and spears.
And a strong animal.

There are also crests that represent specialties of a territory.
The most common is the ear of wheat.
The old Rigsby family also had a family crest based on the image of an ear of wheat.

However, it is taboo to use a demon as a family crest even if it is strong.
No matter how strong they were, they could not have a dragon as their family crest.

This is a rule of the kingdom, and there are many families in other countries that use dragons as their family crest.

In other countries, there are many families that use dragons as their crests. For the royal family, demons are objects to be defeated, so they cannot use objects to be defeated as their crests.

Patrick forgot to apply for this family crest.
So what did he do when he was in office?

Only documents to be submitted to the royal family need to be stamped with the family crest.
Other documents only require a signature.
The documents submitted to the royal family are usually tax-related.
Patrick has not paid any taxes yet.
He was exempt from taxes for the first year.

He uses the profits from the first year to plan the future management of his domain.
The first year's profit will be used to plan the future management of the territory. The first year's profit will be exempted because it is expected to cost a lot of money, but from next year, it will have to be paid.
Well, the tax will not be a problem because of the profit from alcohol.

Now, I have received a seal from the government office with the family crest decided by the king.

There were two snakes entwined in the dagger.

'Well, they're Snakes, aren't they?
The plural was clear.

This mark is actually a magical tool and quite expensive.
The mark is stamped by the magic power of the person. It is like an indelible ink. This is to prevent counterfeiting. With other inks, if water or oil is dripped on it, it will blot, but the magic ink will not.

At the same time, the royal family sent me a dagger with the crests of the royal family and the Snakes family.
It's a sign of nobility.

Recently, Patrick has been spending half of his time in the 8th Army and the rest in his estate.

This is the working system of most military officers who are the head of their estates.

Now that he is a Count, Patrick is quite busy.
He looks over the documents for approval and signs them.
If he can't, he puts a "no" sign.

He also inspects the territory, checks the maturity of the whiskey and brandy in the brewery, and brews a new sake, locally named Inesh (named after a plum wine). ).
In the former Harter territory, the cultivation of sweet potatoes is also newly recommended. Sweet potatoes.
He's going to make sweet potato shochu too.

When I return to King's Landing, I'm sent to train the 8th Army, my own training, and occasionally the 1st and 3rd Armies.
The other day, even the Knights of the Kingsguard were baptized by Patrick's training.
My Uncle Trolla called me the Grim Reaper, and I felt a little depressed.

Oh yeah, the 8th Army's famous running has been upgraded.
We used to run in our uniforms, but now we run in our first gear, our war gear.

Patrick believes that when the Non-Aggression Pact expires, the Empire will declare war immediately.
That's what we're training for.
Wearing armor and weapons makes running heavy and difficult.
Well, the accusing eyes and voices of my men were a little annoying, but I ignored them.
When I served him whiskey, he changed his attitude, but I'll leave it at that.

Then, a woman who often came to Patrick's mansion in King's Landing appeared.

Well, when the king told me, I was like,
I said to the king, and hurriedly got down on my knees and apologized.

Patrick, 18 years old, been in the army for three years.
He was more surprised than the Count or the Lieutenant Colonel.

Patrick is engaged.

I don't have to tell you who he's engaged to, but if you're a reader, you'll know.