93-The King's Worries

The king was troubled.
About his beloved daughter.
She's only 12. She's almost 13.

A nobleman could be betrothed at that age.
Nobles usually start getting engaged around age 12, but royalty is later than that.
This is because marriage to royalty changes the balance of power among the nobility.

If only one faction has many marriages, the other factions will be dissatisfied. A balance is necessary.

Besides, there is a certain order.
The Dauphin's betrothal has been decided.
But it's not good if the third princess gets engaged first when the second prince, the third prince, the first princess and the second princess haven't.
The King has three wives.
The crown prince and the third princess are children of the regular family, the second prince and the second princess are children of the second wife, who is a side wife, and the rest are children of the third wife.

If only the children of the regular family were engaged, the family of the side family would be annoyed.
But if he likes it, I want him to marry the way he wants. I have few complaints about Patrick. He's loyal to the crown and his behavior is excellent. I hear his lands are quite prosperous with the new wine he's selling.
Oh, that drink is good! Brandy, I think it's called. I like to drink it with ice and sip it.
Whiskey is also very good. It's better to drink it with water and gulp it down.
Oh, I'm not thinking straight.
Patrick's not gonna waste his money, and that estate will be safe.
I hear the former Harter territory is growing new crops.
The only thing I'm worried about is the harsh military service.
But that's the same for all warrior noble families.

If you are a court noble (a noble family that does not have a territory, but lives in the royal capital and works in the royal castle), you rarely go to war, but court nobles do not like to go to war because there are many pigs.
I also don't want to give my daughter to a pig, even if it kills me.

I explained about Patrick politely, but..,
'Oh, you poor thing. I'll heal him!
I'll heal him!' or something like that.

I really don't know what to do.
I guess I'll just take this opportunity to talk to the other girls about their engagements.