96-Marquis of Dixon

Now that his engagement has been confirmed, Patrick is faced with a problem.

His lands are running smoothly, but the problem is the royal capital.
More specifically, the mansion.
At present, there are only Patrick, a maid, and a snake in the mansion in King's Landing.
That's only possible because there are no guests.
A nobleman's mansion doesn't even have a gatekeeper.
As an aristocrat, this is not good.

Patrick ponders, but can't come up with a solution.
The Canaanns have already provided him with a lot of manpower, and it's time for them to go.
I don't have any other contacts, Patrick.

Now I remember one thing!

'I'll ask the Marquis of Dixon.
I hope he remembers our previous agreement.

I'll send a maid to the Marquis of Dixon's mansion in King's Landing. Bring her a letter.

A few days later, a letter arrives from the Marquess of Dixon.
'Yes. You remembered me.'
Patrick's voice broke out as he read the letter.

The letter asked him to come to the house.
It seems that the Marquis of Dixon himself is currently staying in King's Landing.

As a prelude, Patrick sent his maid to the Marquis Dixon's residence that afternoon.

Patrick walks alone without a companion.
That's not very aristocratic.

By the way, lately Patrick has been making an effort to be recognized by people.
It's inconvenient to be unrecognizable in a normal life.
When you stand in front of a store and pick up an item, the clerk will be surprised if the item is floating.

So I decided to show off my presence by basically pushing my motivation to the forefront.

Not to f*ck or to kill, but to be motivated.
Then, although it was vague, I was recognized.
On the other hand, I'm also training to erase my presence.
I am now able to do so much better than before.
When I turn it off, I am never recognized.

Back to the story.
I tell the gatekeeper what I want and he lets me in.
I was greeted at the door by Mr. Kevin.
'It's been a long time, Count.
Kevin looked at Patrick with sparkling eyes. 'I'm glad to see you're doing well.
He replied and led me to the parlor.

The head of the family himself was already waiting for us.
'It's been a long time. I apologize for the inconvenience this time.
Patrick bowed his head.

'No, no, no, I promised. And it's not a bad deal for us either.
The Marquis of Dixon says as he offers the sofa.
'Excuse me, sir.
Patrick sits down on the sofa.

'There are a lot of people who work at the house. It's not easy to introduce their sons and relatives to their employers. There's a limit to how many servants we can take. So how many can you hire?

Many noblemen ask for a job.
If it's an unrelated person, I will immediately refuse, but if it's a relative of a servant, even an important one, it's hard to refuse.
I introduce them as servants of the barons and viscounts of my faction, but even so, there are only a few of them and I cannot mediate all of them.

In addition, Lieutenant General Simon does not know about this situation because he does not care about his family.

'At any rate, butlers, maids, gatekeepers, cooks, carriage attendants, attendants, guards of the mansions in the capital, these are probably the ones. At any rate, we only have one maid at the moment.
Patrick speaks honestly.

'Then there would be two butlers and assistants, about five maids, and a gatekeeper...'
The Marquis is mumbling and thinking.
'We'll need at least 20 for now.
He comes to a conclusion.

Patrick is surprised that he needs that many, but he doesn't show it.
'Are you particular about race?
'No, I'm not particular.
'Hmm, then we can manage. Good. Now I can pay you back! No, it's more than a debt, it's a pleasure for my family to be further connected to you!
The Marquis smiled.

That day, Patrick was invited to dinner and got to know the Marquis, Kevin, and his two wives, eldest son, second son, and eldest daughter, whom he had never met before.

Hearing that the reason we were all in the capital this time was to attend the wedding of the Dauphin, we stood up hurriedly, expressed our congratulations, promised to send a gift of congratulations at a later date, and left the residence.

Here is an explanation of marriage in the Kingdom.
The number of wives is limited to five.
This is a special exception.
The standard is three.
That's why the king has three wives.

What is a special exception?
It is when no male heir is born.

If you marry three wives and you can't have a boy, you can apply for a special exception and if approved, you will be allowed two more wives.
You who thought you could just divorce and get a new one!
Don't underestimate the relationship between the nobles.
Divorce is an act of hostility.
Nobles don't divorce easily.

What should I give her?
Patrick went home thinking to himself.