97-congratulatory gift

Okay, we've got people. Now for the goods.

For now, we need a carriage.
Patrick used to rent carriages from the army when he needed them.

I'll order one immediately.
Speaking of carriages, we also need horses.
And if you have horses, you need stables.
The money is flying in.
Since it was a former viscount's residence, it had stables, but since he was a debtor viscount, he didn't have the money to fix the old stables, and they were pretty shabby.
They tore it down and built a new one.

Next, the mansion was rebuilt.
There was no problem with the house, but there was one complaint.

'I want to soak in a big bath.

A memory from a previous life told him that he was being selfish here.

In this world, there was no such thing as a bath tub.
Commoners just wiped themselves with wet towels.
The aristocracy and the military only showered.
Even showers were like bathrooms with a tub with a hole in the ceiling and hot water falling from it.
It was a magical device that automatically turned cold water into hot water when it was filled with water, and could be turned on and off by operating a cock, but Patrick was not satisfied.

He calls a magician to the house.
A so-called dwarf.
They are skilled in making things.

'So, make a big stone tub like this here, with hot water in it for soaking, with hot water falling from the top over here, and a place to wash yourself over here!

The dwarf man responded to Patrick's explanation,
'Soak in hot water? I hadn't thought of that.
I hadn't thought of that.' He came up with something.

'Do you have a patent on this?
He asked,
'Patent? Is there such a thing?
I ask him back.
This world has a so-called God.
I've never met one.

And there's a god of knowledge. And commercial guilds. Apparently, the sale of alcohol is also done through commercial guilds, and they take a margin. Well, it can't be helped. However, there is no problem if the inventor sells his creations directly to the guild.
If you pray to the god of knowledge at the temple and pay the appropriate amount of gold coins, he will grant you a patent.
The patent system is the same as on Earth.
Hearing this good news, Patrick immediately went to the church.

He applied for a patent on how to make liquor, distillers and stuff, a bath, and even chess.

He took 20 gold coins.

But now I have another profitable product.
Chess quickly became popular in King's Landing.

Originally, reversi, playing cards, and hand pumps for wells existed in this world.
But there were no board games of warlike combat.
They hired woodworkers to make them.
I made fine stone ones for the aristocracy.
And of course, they gave them to kings.

And I sent one to the Marquess of Dixon as a congratulatory gift.
With instructions on how to play.