98-Earl of Snakes

The Earldom of Snakes is booming.

Originally, there was a great depression due to the rebellion, but since Patrick became the lord, there has been a V-shaped recovery.
It is mainly liquor and new crops such as rice and sweet potatoes.
New liquors made from them.
Wooden chess, etc.

And where the economy is good, people gather.
Merchants set up store, people come to work in the stores, and when there are more people, carpenters come to build houses.
Where there is wine, there are dwarves.
Dwarves make equipment for the Snakes' army.
Yes, the Snakes' army, the survivors of the old Rigsby army, the survivors of Viscount Harter's army, newly recruited recruits, and soldiers transferred from the Canaanese army.
Five hundred in all.
Patrick trained them!
The same as the 8th Army!

A year later, the Snakes' army was the best of the local lords' armies.
Green uniform, left breast pocket embroidered with a snake.
Of course, the leather armor was also branded with a snake design, and they were feared as the Viper Army.

Patrick built several temple schools in his territory.
He wanted to improve the illiteracy rate in this world.
It's good for the people of the land to be rich.
But with prosperity comes bad people.
People who want to make money by cheating people.
Many of them cheat people who can't do math by giving them wrong change.
So I taught him how to read, write, and do simple math.
It's free, and lunch is included.
I made it so that the farmers, who were not wealthy, would be willing to go to the school if they could get one meal.

It's not much of a meal.
Bread and soup. Still, it's a condition poor farmers would jump at.
Fewer workers, but better than letting their children starve.
The temple business was a total loss for Patrick, but he was looking ahead to the next few years.