99-Pamira Corporation

My name is Pamira.
I'm a wolf beastman.

I'm currently a maid in the house of the Earl of Snakes.
I worked in the mess hall of the army barracks before I was picked up here.
That place is the worst.
The smell. Smells like sweat!
Soldiers would come in after training without wiping off their sweat.

Also, there are too many people trying to make eyes at me!
I'm old and a little behind the times, but it doesn't mean I don't like anyone!
I mean, there was a good guy at the last place I worked!

The last place I worked was Baron Curly's mansion.
I was a maid there.
I was on good terms with the werewolf who guarded the gate there and we were talking about getting married.

But the house was destroyed by the lord's rebellion and all the servants were fired.
Her lover is unemployed and now she works as an adventurer to earn some money.
I have no use for a man with no money. We broke up immediately!

Well, enough about the past. I'm talking about the future.
Today, the current master, Count Snakes, will be receiving new servants.
Twenty of them!
I'll get the best man out of them!
I can't wait to see your reactions when I open the door.

I shat myself.
I didn't think they'd be here! What's with the snakes! It's big, too big! And they're poisonous!
I'm used to it now, but I hope someone can survive that baptism!

Well, here we are. 15 men out of 20, huh? Oh, good wolf! He's quite macho. Men are muscle! Just let your mind go where it wants to go!

Now, let's open the door!

Only two of us didn't shit our pants.

The muscle wolf peed, too.
Well, of course he did. They're gonna shit their pants.

You're lucky you didn't defecate!
Will the defecating gentleman ever recover?
I think the dwarf stable hand and the elf steward are crazy!

Can't we just talk pee and get along?