100-another dimension

A space with a noble atmosphere.

There was a man there.

No, it would be impolite to call him one.
We should call him a pillar.
There's a crystal-like object, and he looks into it and smiles.

'What are you looking at?
A woman's voice.

'No, you transferred your soul from the Alpha world to the Beta world a while ago. About eighteen years ago, I believe. '
'Oh, I believe you said you made a mistake in processing your memories?

'Yes, that's it. That child, by chance, recovered her memories. It's really funny that he's called the Grim Reaper now. No, when I messed up my memory, I thought I failed, but I'm glad it came back. He is contributing to the development of our culture by making alcohol.
'I believe the last time we had souls was in Reversi and playing cards? Before that, it was a hand pump. Alpha's cultural development has been wonderful. Beta, on the other hand, has been very slow.

'That's what the soul transfer is for. Beta, on the other hand, prohibits weapons of mass destruction. It also prohibits the use of annihilation magic, which is effective against a wide range of people... But humans wage war in every world. I wonder if it's a mistake in the Creator's settings...'

'If you say that and God the Creator hears you, he'll tear your arms off.

'Oh, that's scary. Well, going back to the story, I sent the soul to Beta, but since it's interesting, I've lowered the blessing a bit. Well, I just raised its abilities a bit and added some value to the accessories it has.
'Don't overdo it, okay? You'll lose your balance.
'Don't worry. It's just a little.

'That's fine then. God of the Underworld.