101-the arrival of servants

Patrick welcomed his new servants.

There was a bit of a problem in the entrance hall, but the problem was solved in our large bathroom, except for two of them.
I had brought a change of clothes with me.

The butler was an elf. He was a handsome young man, about 190 cm tall, with a head of blue hair and green eyes. He has a long head of hair that he wears all back and tied up at the back of his neck. He is an elf, so he is probably older than he looks.
His name is Astraia. Too bad it's not Sebastian.

There are a few dwarves and beastmen as well, so I guess this will do as a nobleman's house.

By the way, to Astria,

'You're a demon hunter, aren't you?

I was told. What is a demon hunter?

When I asked her, she said it's a human race that can use demons. They are called demon tamer or tamer.
Elves, dwarves, and beastmen do not have tamers.
Only human beings can be tamers.

It seems that other races don't keep pets.
However, keeping a pet is different from being a tamer.

A tamer is a person who has a connection with a demon through magic and can communicate with it.

Yeah, I think I've got it figured out.
But I haven't seen any other tamer.
I heard they're very rare. They usually use mammalian demons, and I've never heard of a reptilian demon being used.

I'm glad it's a little rare.

I also took a look at the ability of the guards of the mansion.
They weren't up to the task, so I sent them to the Snakes' Army for training.
I sent some of the Snakes' army there instead.
They came to King's Landing to replace the guards, and they were happy to come to the city, but they still shat themselves at the door.
The guards will be back in a few months, so until then, we'll just give them a good time.

We also bought four horses.
One for the carriage and one for the guards to ride.
The carriage is complete.
However, the ride is not very comfortable.
It has a spring suspension, but it is just like a truck bed.
We decided that we needed a coil spring suspension, so we prayed to the god of knowledge at the church and got two gold coins.

I immediately ordered one from the blacksmith!
The ride is now much more comfortable.

Also, that bracelet you got from His Majesty, it seems to be a magic tool. I could see the scenery even though it was pitch black.
Is it weird to say I could see?
If you're referring to my previous life, thermography?
The temperature thing! Something like that.

Did you know that? Every tree and stone has a different temperature so you can see the landscape clearly.
You won't be afraid of the woods at night with this.
Thank you for the gift, Your Majesty.

What? Don't you want to talk about it? What?
Okay, I'll explain!

Yeah, I was on a mission.