102-Special Mission 1

One day, Patrick is summoned to a private room by His Majesty.

There's another man in there with silver hair and brown eyes.
'I don't think you've met Patrick, this is Kyle from Intelligence. Kyle, you know Patrick, right?'
'Yes, I'm sure he's no stranger to the nobility of the kingdom. Nice to meet you, Earl Snakes. My name is Kyle Keselowski.'
The man known as Kyle bows to Patrick.
About the same height as Patrick.
About 25 years old? He is of medium height, the most common appearance in this world.
'Nice to meet you, I'm Patrick von Snakes. Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.' He says his name.

If he has a family name, he must be a nobleman.
'The Keselowski barons have been intelligence officers for generations. They are a court noble family with no estates, and their main job is to investigate corruption in the court nobility. Court nobles are close to the power of the kingdom. Officially, they're tax officials.

I see. They're like Japan's public security.
'All right, Your Majesty. So, what's the story?

'Well, Kyle's investigation has revealed that there's a high possibility that a certain noble family is cheating. But we have no proof. Kyle, explain.'

'Yes, Your Majesty. Earl Snakes...'
'Oh, please, Patrick and I are newer and younger than you.'
'All right, then. Then I'll call you Kyle. So, Sir Patrick, do you know where the Ministry of Agriculture is in the Kingdom?

The Ministry of Agriculture is the department that studies the size of the farmland in the kingdom, the types and quantities of crops harvested, and coordinates imports and exports so that there is no shortage of certain crops.
It is an important department for the kingdom's food supply.

'Yes, food is important.
I nodded.
'It seems that the head of the department is unfairly under-reporting the harvest of the local territories, and is taking part of the difference as a bribe.
So he's in league with the local lords.

'It seems that they are also giving money to the tax collector and covering it up. The court nobles receive a fixed amount of money from the state, so we know their approximate income, but even though they don't have a second job, they've been spending a lot of money lately, which is obviously strange, so we've been investigating.
So you're not selling alcohol like me.

'But you have no proof?
I ask,
'Yes, sir. Even if we raided the mansion, we wouldn't necessarily find evidence in the house, nor would we be able to follow him in and out of the house, nor would we be able to find his mistress, so we consulted His Majesty.

Here, His Majesty said,
'And! Patrick. Why don't you take advantage of your abilities and do some research? Couldn't you sneak into the house?'

I see. That makes sense. So you want me to sneak out and search the house.

Let's do it.