103-Special Mission 2

The next evening, after hearing the details from Kyle, Patrick started to move.

He headed for a certain nobleman's house in King's Landing.
He set up a stakeout a short distance from the gate of the mansion.
There had been no one in or out since the sun went down.
Patrick prepared himself and walked out.


Patrick mutters.
It's not magic. Patrick can't do magic.

He's talking to himself.
We're going into hiding mode! he says.

On the other hand, when he gets motivated, he mumbles something about being active.

He climbs up the wall of the house, lands in the garden, and rushes to the house.
He looks in through the window.
Of course, the windows are unlit.
But they were all locked.

While he was wondering what to do, he heard a voice at the gate.
'Hey, old lady, another massage? Thanks for all your hard work. I'll go and ask her about it, so wait for me.

The man at the gate called out to the old woman and headed for the door.
Patrick stands by the door. The gatekeeper opens the door and goes inside.
Patrick, who had stuck close behind the gatekeeper, followed him in.

The gatekeeper, who had gone to the back of the house, soon came out.
He opens the door and calls the old woman in.

'The Master is in his usual room. He said I could go alone as usual. Then I'll go back to work.'
With that, the gatekeeper heads back toward the gate.

Patrick was a little pleased that he could follow the old woman to the master of the house. It would save him the trouble of looking for her.

But he didn't expect the torturous experience he was about to have.