104-Special Mission 3

Patrick walking behind the old woman.

The old woman knocks on the big door.
'Come on in.
A voice called from inside.

I opened the door and saw a man of about 50 years old jumping from inside and hugging the old woman.

What? Patrick thought.

'Oh, I've been waiting for you, Rachel!

Is Rachel the name of this old woman?

'Boy, we had an agreement when we got inside, didn't we? We can't let anyone see us. Come on, let's go inside.

With that, the old woman, still in my arms, enters the room. Before the door closes, Patrick rushes in.

There, he sees a shocking sight.

'Rachel! Aah! Rachel!

A good old man is devouring the lips of an old woman.

What the hell⁉︎ What kind of joke is this?
Patrick wanted to pat himself on the back for not saying it out loud.

After that, Patrick was on the verge of KO after being shown the endless love affair between the old man and the old woman.
He felt his black hair turn white for a moment.

Patrick feels a slight desire to kill the old woman as she puts her arm around him and spoils him, but he struggles to suppress it.

'Rachel, when you go back, please bring back the papers too. Hide them in the usual place.'
'Yes, yes, little man. I'll leave you to your old lady. But you haven't changed since you were a child. You haven't changed a bit as a spoiled brat.'
'Because Rachel is my first love!
'I was 15 when you were born, 50 years later. The first time I slept with you, you were thirteen and I was twenty-eight. You've loved me for a long time, and I'm happy.'
'It was our first time together. I was so happy.'

What does that mean? You had a hand in your maidservant and you've been keeping it that way?
What does it matter? I'm more interested in the papers you're bringing back. We should follow the old woman.
Patrick decided what to do next.