105-Special Mission 4

He walks behind the old woman and leaves the house.

The old woman's lamp illuminates the path, and Patrick watches her back as she walks slowly, desperately trying to put the nightmarish scene from earlier out of his mind.

Eventually, they arrive at a house.
The old woman produces a key, opens the door, and enters the house. Patrick follows.
The old woman puts the papers from her pocket into the pot at the back of the kitchen.
She then ate a simple meal, went to bed, put out her candles, and went to sleep snoring loudly.

Patrick was surprised to see the candles out and the house in total darkness.
He could see the inside of the house even though there was not a single light.
Patrick, who had a memory of a previous life, had an idea of what this vision was.

(Temperature sensor? No, thermography?)
I'm seeing things that I used to see on TV.
(Is this a bracelet? It's a magic tool!)

Actually, it was just a bracelet, but it must be the work of some god.

Patrick easily approached the cauldron and picked up the documents.
(I knew it was a ledger, this is good evidence. Mission accomplished.)

The next day, Patrick contacts Kyle and hands him the documents.
'Sir Patrick! Thank you for your help. That's enough to build a case!

'I'm a little mentally tired, so I'm going home. The address of the old woman who hid the documents is written down on this piece of paper, if you want to use it.

I handed another piece of paper to Kyle, and Patrick left feeling dizzy and unsteady on his feet,
Kyle wondered if it was that hard for him,

'Thank you very much for your ministry.

He bowed his head deeply.

Patrick still hadn't gotten the nightmare out of his head.