106-at the invitation of

I'm on my way to the royal castle today. I've been summoned.

I'll greet His Majesty first.
'Your Majesty, good day to you... and what can I do for you?
'Patrick, I take it everything went well with Kyle.
'Yes, sir, and Mr. Kyle is pleased that we have a case now.
'Well, Kyle and the others are on the move now. We'll find out soon enough. And the reason I called you here today is because of my daughter, Sona.

Sona is a nickname for Thornalis.
'What is it, Your Highness?
'Well, he complained that we haven't seen each other since we got engaged. If you have time after this, would you go and see him?
'Yes, I will. I'm also busy with a lot of things, so should we set a date from now on?

'Well, I'm busy with military duties, managing the estate, and this time I've made you work until midnight. But you should also keep Sona in a good mood. She's too hard on me when she's in a bad mood.

'Yes, sir. Then I'll be on my way.
'Well, thank you for your help this time, Patrick.
And so, we waited for His Highness Thornalis in the courtyard of the royal castle.
Soon after, Thornaris appeared with his maidservant.

'Sorry to keep you waiting, Patrick-sama!
Thorinaris appeared cheerfully, and today he was dressed like a naval officer. Do we have a navy in this country?
'No, no, Mr. Thorinaris. I'm sorry I don't get to see you more often.
'No, you're busy with your work, aren't you?
'Yes, I'm sorry I don't have time to see you as I'm busy with military duties and traveling back and forth between the territories.
'Your work is important. What kind of place is the estate?
This is how the conversation went.

Then, things started to get strange when they started talking about their hobbies.
Patrick does not have any hobbies.
So I told him that I take care of my pet.

It was Pichan.

This caught his attention.

'Do you have a snake? I want to see it!

Normally, people are afraid of snakes, but she seemed interested.

'They're pretty big, aren't they? Are you okay?
'How big is it?
Thorinaris asked with a cute little tilt of his head.

'About ten meters, I'd say.
It seems to have grown again.
'Oh my! There's a snake that big! I'd love to see one!

And so it came to pass that His Highness Thornaris came to the house of Snakes.