Now, if that's the case, there will be a great commotion in the royal capital, House Snake!

Because Her Royal Highness is coming!

Although she's a bride, she hasn't been announced yet and is still in the informal stage.
The news of the third princess's visit caused an uproar from the butler, maids, stable hands and guards.

The carpets were washed, the furniture was bought, flowers were planted in the drab garden, a pavilion was built, and in the ten days or so before the princess's arrival, some semblance of nobility was created.

And then, on the day...

Well, I was surprised.
Ten knights of the Kingsguard, three carriages with the royal coat of arms, and fifty elite soldiers from the First Army appeared in front of the Snakes' mansion like a procession of feudal lords.

A crowd of onlookers surrounded them.
The Snakes hadn't expected that many people to show up.

Only twenty-one servants would be enough⁉︎.
The servants lined up to welcome the princess.
Patrick and the butler wait at the gate.

The carriage door opens to reveal Thorinaris.
'Welcome to my home. Your Highness.
Patrick greets him.
'I've come without reservation, Sir Patrick.
Thorinaris looks pleased.

You walk through the garden to the front door.
What you see when you open the door is..,


Thorinaris was all right, as I had heard beforehand, but...

Screams echoed through the Snakes' house.

The maids and some of the soldiers were quickly ushered into the bathroom of the Snakes' house.

The soldiers who couldn't see the front door immediately thought they were lucky. They may or may not have thought they were lucky.
Patrick told the Knights of the Kingsguard, who were scared to enter the house, and the First Army, who immediately refrained from going inside,

'I think I'll advise them to re-train.

Patrick muttered a devilish word, and the faces of the soldiers who heard it turned pale as soon as they saw it.

Meanwhile, His Royal Highness Thorinaris was in a very good mood, patting the snake's head and lifting its tail.

Patrick thought that His Highness was quite a promising young man.