Now, I moved from the entrance to the dining room to have tea and conversation with Thorinaris.
For some reason, Pichan has also moved to the dining room and is moving back and forth between Patrick and Sonali.

Last time, when they talked about their hobbies, Patrick said that he was taking care of Pichan, while Sonalith said that her hobby was sewing.
So, in the course of this conversation,
'I'd like to make some clothes for Master Patrick.
He said.

'Yes! I'd like to make everyday clothes, but I'd also like to make military uniforms, ceremonial uniforms, and armor for marching.
I understand everyday clothes and military uniforms. I understand ceremonial wear.
'For marching?
What's that?
'Yes! There's a military march every four years, right? Next year, I think. I want you to wear the armor I made for it!

Military march
It is a festival where the first three armies of the capital march through the capital and exterminate all the demons around the capital.
The meat of the exterminated demons is sold at a discounted price at food stalls, and usable items such as furs are distributed to orphanages and women who lost their husbands in the war.

Patrick has yet to participate, but perhaps next year the 8th Army will join in.
It's true that during the march, the so-called high-ranking military personnel march in armor, which is different from what they normally do.
'It's true that I don't have any armor yet, but are you sure? Isn't it hard?'
'No, thank you! I want to make a handmade armor for Master Patrick! I'll design it myself, of course!

I felt a little uneasy at the slightly snorting Thorinaris, but I couldn't say no,
'Then, I look forward to working with you.
I had no choice but to reply.

A year later, I regretted that I should have refused at that time, but at that time, I had no idea that such an armor would be made.

'First of all, we need clothes for your brother's wedding! It's in a month's time, so if we make it now, it will be ready in time! Please leave it to me!
It's true that I can't not attend the wedding of the Dauphin, and the other party is a marquise whom I know well.
I've already sent her a congratulatory gift since she's been so good to me.
'Um, can you make it in time?

Normally, it would take six months for a nobleman's ceremonial clothes to be custom-made.
'I'm very good at sewing!
Well, she seemed happy, so I agreed.

She took my measurements on the spot, and by the time I was released, it was already dusk. I think they smelled something when they took my measurements.
Patrick gave the Thornalis some drinks and chess as souvenirs, saw them off, and left them alone on the sofa in the house,
'I'm so tired!
A sigh escaped from him.

But more than that, the faces of the servants showed signs of fatigue.
They were busy serving drinks and snacks to the Kingsguard and the national army, and sorting out the onlookers.

'Thank you all for your hard work today. I'll give the chef a bottle of whiskey later, so you can have a drink after dinner. If you can't drink, I'll get you some grape water.
I'll get you some grape water if you can't drink.' He thanked the servants.