109-crown prince's wedding

A month later, the royal capital was in a festive mood.

The wedding of Prince William and Crown Princess Elizabeth was held in a grand manner in the church, and a wedding party was being held in the royal castle.
The two main actors dancing in the center of the room, Prince William's long, silver hair fluttering, and the tall, slender Prince William's green eyes staring at her, is Queen Elizabeth, her long, golden, fluffy hair swinging. She stares back with her green eyes.

After the two main actors finished dancing, the nobles began to greet each other.
Patrick is in an active mode.
He was standing in line to greet the two stars of the day.
The order of greeting was from the highest to the lowest, so Patrick, the Count, was the first to arrive.

The Viscount behind him,
The Viscount behind him is saying things like, 'You're a newcomer,' and 'You're a former moneylender from a failing family,' but Patrick doesn't care.

But Patrick doesn't mind. He sees swearing as a kind of tax on the winner.

When his turn comes, he greets the two main characters, the King and Queen next to him, and the Marquis and Marquise of Dixon.
The Dauphin and the Queen had never met before, but they responded with smiles.

When the greetings were over and I was sipping my wine,
'Sir Patrick, it's been a long time.
Patrick, it's been a while.

'Oh, Mr. Kyle. How have you been?
'Yes, we've got all the main suspects in custody. Well, I'm glad we were able to resolve this before the wedding. Thanks to you, Sir Patrick.

'No, no, I was just helping out a little. I'm sure it was only because of Kyle's research.
They praised each other.

'By the way, aren't you going to greet him?
'We're a barony, so it'll be a while. You're a viscount now, aren't you? There are many visons and barons. I'll go slowly.
He laughed.

Indeed, there are four dukes, eight marquesses, and twenty earls in the kingdom, including Patrick's Snakes, but the number changes from viscount to baron.
I believe there are 123 viscount families and 258 baron families.
It is no wonder Patrick is envied.

Moreover, a young man of 18 is the first generation.

In addition, there are more than 1,000 associate barons and knights.
As is to be expected, there are no knights below the rank of baron.

The nobility is also limited to the head of the family, his wife, and the next generation that inherits the family. So I guess Kyle is the next generation.
Kyle says he'll be leaving soon.
And then,
'Earl Snakes!
There's a familiar voice calling out.
'Brother Decourse! Long time no see. Where's your uncle?
'Your father is in charge of the guards. I would have gone to greet him instead, but the line is still too long.'
He smiled.

'Are you going to stay here for a while?
I asked,
He replied, 'Yes, I will be here for about ten days. Would you like to have dinner with me? Do you want to come to my house?
He said,
'No, I'll invite you to my house. I'll serve whiskey and brandy!
'Oh! That's a new drink that's all the rage now! I've had whiskey in the Canaan territory, and it's good! I haven't had brandy yet, so I'd love to!
We parted with a promise.

'Good day to you, Master Patrick.

' said the voice of a woman in fluttering clothes.
'This is His Royal Highness Thorinaris. Good day to you.

Actually, I'm meeting her because she gave me my ceremonial clothes yesterday, but since I'm surrounded by people and the engagement hasn't been announced yet, this is the way I'm dealing with her.

'It looks good on you.
He whispered to me,
'Thank you very much.
I replied in a whisper.

It is based on black with green stripes in some places, and the Snakes' family crest on the left breast pocket. The cloak on his back, which reaches almost to his hips, also bears the family crest.
Cloak. There are rules about this one too.
For kings, it's long enough to drag on the floor.
A duke's at ankle length.
Marquesses, behind the knees.
Counts, as above.
A viscount's at the waist, a baron below the shoulder blades.
This is also only for the head of the family. (Royalty wear cloaks of the same length as dukes, even if they are not kings.

It seems to be an arrangement of the black of the 8th Army and the green of the Snakes' Army.
'I'll see you later.
And Thorinaris is leaving.

Hmm? See you later?