Now, when the barons had finished their speeches and everyone had caught their breath.

'Gentlemen, I thank you for gathering here today for my son. My son and his wife are happy to see so many people celebrating.
Everyone listened to His Majesty's words.

'And now, I would like to take this opportunity to make a new announcement.
At these words, the crowd begins to stir.

'What is it? A war?'
'You wouldn't say something like that at a celebration.
They speculate.
'Thorinaris, come here.
'Yes, Father.'
His Royal Highness Thorinaris stands beside the King as His Majesty calls him.

''Following the recent marriage of the Dauphin, I announce the engagement of this Thornaris!
While the hall was in an uproar,

''What? Seriously? Now?

said Patrick in his mind.

'The other party is here today.

(Again, being a prude.) Patrick thinks.

'Count Patrick von Snakes! Patrick, come here.'

'What! Yara, 'Oh! Yara,'Why? and 'Why⁉︎'.
It's no wonder there are so many negative voices.

I've been called, so I have to go.
He shouts briefly and begins to walk.

Patrick stands beside His Highness the Sonaris.
Looking down on the hall from one level above, you can see the faces of the people.
Many of the faces look as if they are chewing on a bitter bug, but I see a smiling DeCourse.
And Wayne, who had come as the second in command next to General Simon, was also smiling.

I hadn't seen Wayne's face in a long time, but it was a little annoying to see how handsome he was.

'Patrick, say hello to the others.
I was prompted,
'My name is Patrick von Snakes. I'm engaged to be married to His Royal Highness Thornalis.'
I've become engaged to His Highness, the Prince of Thornless,' he says simply, and bows.

'You, too, Sona, say hello.
'My name is Thornaris. I am delighted to be engaged to the man of my dreams.

This is also a simple greeting.
It was a simple greeting as well, but he did not forget to show that he had chosen her.

Decourse clapped his hands. Everyone clapped in response. Well, I suppose many of them are clapping reluctantly.
I looked at His Majesty and saw that he was smiling.
It was as if the prank had succeeded.

I looked at Thorinaris and he was smiling and happy.
He must have known, so he said, 'Later.
'Since Thornaris is only thirteen, we'll have the wedding on his fifteenth birthday. A little over a year from now.'
The wedding date was set.

The jealous eyes that followed were brushed aside, and the wedding party was over.
On the carriage ride home, they pondered their future plans.

'Now, how are we going to move? We need to find out who the enemy will be.
A newcomer engaged to the royal family. It's not hard to imagine that there's a pretty good chance that there will be a family that will drag us down.