111-How long have you been on your side?

Patrick will be on the move the next day.

He sends out invitations to all the houses he can trust.
The Canernes, the Dixons, the Simons with Wayne, and the Royals.
The name is..,

A party to celebrate our engagement.

I've gotten the royal family's approval through Thornaris.
I've included a note in the invitations asking for introductions to any families we know who might be interested in celebrating.
A friend of a friend is a friend of a friend.

We want to identify houses that we can see as our allies to some extent.
At any rate, there were seven families that had been destroyed by Patrick's involvement.

I'm sure those relatives hold a grudge.
Some of the unrelated families may not like newcomers.

We set the date for two months later.

I received a reply to my invitation.
It said that all the Canaanites would be there.
My uncle's wife's family would also be there.
The Canaanns are a family unrelated to any faction. They are a staunch warrior family and hold the position of baron only by force.
That's why they gave his sister to the Rigsbys in a bad harvest.

The Dixons agreed.
Dixon's faction joined in.

The Simons agreed. Wayne's family, the Kimble's, and the faction families joined in.

Let me explain something.
There's a reason the Simons don't give their wives to the crown or get a son-in-law from the crown when they only have daughters.

Simon's wife is the king's sister.
It's not good for the other nobles to have two successive royal wives.

The royal family includes His Majesty, his wife, her family, her faction, and the Dauphin and his wife. The second and third wives do not seem to be participating.
Roughly counting, a quarter of the kingdom's nobles are participating.
That's more than I had expected.

Will we be able to fit all of them into the venue, the Snakes' mansion?
It's a former viscount's residence, so it's not a huge space.

'What should I do?

I'll write a reply anyway.
I'll write back with a note saying that quasi-barons and knights are not allowed due to the size of the venue.