112-Souvenir attack on our friends

Patrick is busy preparing.

When he returns to his estate, he brings brandy, whiskey, and Inesh as souvenirs to the capital.
When he went to the estate, the news of the engagement had already spread, and the servants congratulated him and asked him to bring his highness to the estate.
He ordered a large quantity of stone chess pieces from the craftsmen of his domain and brought them back the following month.
Since I was worried about the number of people in the party, I also brought some servants from my estate to the capital.

And on the day of the party.

The Snakes' mansion in King's Landing was overflowing with people.
The garden was guarded by guards and soldiers. The garden was crowded with guards, soldiers, other noblemen's guards and servants.
The Snakes' servants, distributing drinks and snacks, moved about as if they were sewing thread.

Meanwhile, inside the mansion, the largest hall was set up as a standing-room-only dining room, with tables and chairs reserved for the royal family at the top. The other nobles were served a standing-room-only meal and Snakes' Sake. Patrick and Thornaris are congratulated one after another.
We promised to give priority to the noblemen who had gathered to bring alcohol to their lands, as if they were our allies, so that they would see the benefits of associating with the Snakes.

In the dining room, which was used as the second venue, we placed a large number of chess pieces to deepen the friendship between the nobles, which was also well received.
Even His Majesty the King and the Dauphin participated in the chess game, and the nobles who played against each other were apparently wondering whether they should win or not.

Since we warned them about Pichan before entering the house, only a few of them leaked.
However, the people who leaked the information loved the large bath at the Snakes' house so much that they asked me to build one at their house.

At the chess hall, a boy and a girl were seen playing chess together, but Patrick did not hear about it.
However, their parents seemed to have heard about it.

At the end of the party, Patrick handed them brandy, whiskey, Inesh, and chess souvenirs, and sent them off with his best wishes for the future.

When the royal family returned, he told the queen,
'Are you sure you want Sona to make you armor? Are you insane?

I was a little worried,
'The costume for the wedding was also made by His Highness Sonali. The color scheme was a bit eccentric, but I think it was quite well done.

I asked him,
When I asked him about it, he replied, 'Well, we only had one month to make it. I decided on the idea in a day, so it's still decent. He said that the armor would be a hobby, and that it would be scary, so you'd better be prepared for that.
And then he left.

Running for a hobby?