113-the thoughts of a nobleman

What the hell is this demon?

This was my first impression when I entered the house.
The house wasn't big, and I liked it, but the snake monster I saw inside made me instinctively associate it with death.
What kind of pet is that?

Count Patrick Von Snakes.
Until a little over two years ago, he was just the third son of a baronet.
It's not uncommon for him to join the royal army.
My son joined the royal army.

He's risen through the ranks and is now a lieutenant colonel.
A lieutenant colonel in two years is a terrifyingly fast rise.
Even his son, a captain, has risen so fast.

They say he's the king's favorite and that he's a parricide, but the man in front of me is just an ordinary guy you'd find anywhere. He's a little thin on the ground.

I've heard that the territory is booming with the sale of new liquors and the development of new games.
Indeed, the whiskey I drank at the party was good.
It's good that you can adjust the strength of the drink yourself. If you want to get drunk slowly, you can enjoy a lighter one.
The idea of mixing liquor with water is new!

They also sell new seasonings, which were used in today's dishes.
It's a taste I've never had before, but it's not bad. No, it's delicious.
The Rigsby family was indeed a dying breed, but it was also one of the oldest in the kingdom. The house was lost through the mismanagement of its last head, but the blood remains.
The Snakes. The blood of the brilliant Rigsby family.
I'm sure His Majesty had that in mind when he made the engagement. The ability to bring such a brilliant man into the royal family with just a daughter is just what the royal family is capable of.

I want to praise my son for becoming friends with that man.
Well, my son has been groomed by the Simons.

I'm sure this is a good move for the Kimball family.

But that snake...