114-between-the-scenes man

The party is over, and life is back to normal, Patrick.

Well, maybe not normal.
During Patrick's stay in King's Landing, he has visitors on his days off from military duties.
The first visitor is Thornaris.
They ask about Patrick's fighting style and use it as a reference for designing their armor.

The second most frequent visitor is someone from House Canaan.
The second most frequent visitor is someone from the Canaan family: Trolla, Aisha, and once even Decourse.

The third is the Dixons.
Mostly Kevin.
Apparently, he wants to join the national army, but he's too old to do so, so he's asking Patrick about training and doing voluntary training.
He'll be returning to the territory soon.

Other families who came to the party also came to discuss trade.
For baths, I introduced them to a craftsman.
A number of houses have written to us about alcohol, and we have decided to distribute it in quantities determined by their rank.

As a result, the Snakes' domain became an even more important place in terms of logistics.
The number of merchants coming from other territories increased, and the number of inns and entertainment districts increased.
This has made it more expensive to maintain security, but it's not a problem since the tax revenue has increased.

Speaking of problems, suspicious people began to appear around the residences in the capital.

They are probably the spies of some house.
Some are spying on us, others are climbing over the walls.
These were quickly subdued by the guards.

According to the spies, who revealed everything under Patrick's direct interrogation, they were after a new way to make alcohol.
In this world, there is no obligation to disclose the production method even if it is patented, so only Patrick and the artisans in his domain know about it.
The artisans have been paid well to keep their mouths shut, so it seems that no one has leaked the information yet.

However, it seems that quite a few spies have been released in the territory as well.

'I'll wipe them out the next time I return.
Seeing Patrick's smirking face, Astria's cold sweat may or may not have fallen from her face.