116-In the aristocratic district 2

A group of people walking through the aristocratic district stop in front of a house.

The gatekeeper of the house,
'What do you want with my house? If you have no business here, get the hell out!

If you have no business here, get the hell out!
'I am Count Patrick von Snakes. I am Count Patrick von Snakes. A servant of Baron Stein's has been injured in the Snakes' territory and I have brought him here. I'd like to hand him over to my lord.
I'd like to hand him over to my lord,' he said, smirking as he thrust a man in front of the gatekeeper.

Of course, he is still wrapped in a rope.

When the gatekeeper sees the man's face, his face turns pale.

He seems to know him.
In fact, he may have even known his mission.

'I don't know this kind of man, but I'm going to check with the Baron, so wait a while.
For the time being, he seemed to have decided that he couldn't handle the matter on his own.
If I hadn't fallen when I was running toward the villa, I would have passed. He was in too much of a hurry.

The gatekeeper came back,
'The Baron says he doesn't know either. Leave as soon as possible.
Get out of here.' he said.

Well, that's to be expected.

He'd never admit it.
'Well, then I'll sell it to the mines. Sorry for the interruption.
So says Patrick, heading for the next house.

The man who had been told he didn't know looked at the gatekeeper with a grudge, but he was good enough not to be upset.

At any rate, at the next house, an idiot was standing in front of the gate,
'It's me, please help me. I don't want to go to the mine.
I don't want to go to the mine.' It was very noisy.
Of course, I was told that he was a stranger and ignored him.

Well, this guy was a fool who threw up just because he got a needle between his nails.

We couldn't visit all the houses that day, it took three days, but we were surprised to find one house that accepted the interloper.
That house invited Patrick inside, and the owner himself apologized formally and promised to pay the interloper's ransom.
Patrick liked the owner of the house and asked him if he would be willing to get to know him better since he did not need the ransom. Patrick liked the head of the family and asked if he could be his friend.

Count Abbott of the North, also known as the Iron Fox of the North.