117-Three in the aristocracy.

Later, Patrick invited the Earl of Abbot to the mansion.

Of course, I will never forget Pichan's explanation at the door.

Count Abbott was a thin, silver-haired man of about 50 years old and about 170cm tall.
The wrinkles on his face are either a sign of strength of will or the result of hard work.

Count Abbott is neither a friend nor a foe of the Snakes, but this time, he seems to have infiltrated the Snakes' territory as part of his observation, and of course, he is investigating the territory's trade in alcohol. It just so happened that Patrick was the one who captured him.

'How dare you capture him yourself?
I ask back, my green eyes widening.
It didn't seem to occur to Abbott.

The Abbot family was focused on the management of the estate, so although he had heard about Patrick's success from his subordinates, he hadn't really felt it.
He was also very interested in the fact that his own subordinate had blabbed about the Abbott family.
There was no way that a subordinate who had served him for so many years would simply tell him about himself. He uses people he trusts.

But Patrick's interrogation, well, torture, if you will. I heard what he said,

'I'm gonna throw up...'

He was a little taken aback.

He apologized again and gave me ten daggers made of high quality iron from his territory as a souvenir.
There are many mines in the north, but the iron from Abbot's territory is especially known for its high quality, and the blacksmiths who work there are also famous for their high quality.
Patrick gratefully accepted the gift, and we talked about the future.

'So, let's trade iron from Abbot's territory and liquor from Snakes' territory as the main trade, and let the others circulate to some extent.
They agreed.
'Then, we will exchange information in the future.
'My pleasure!
The two men shook hands,
The two men shook hands, and Patrick presented them with an assortment of liquor and a chess game as a souvenir.