118-Count Abbott

I couldn't believe my ears when I heard from the gatekeeper that one of my trusted men had been captured.

I've hired him for 30 years. He's never failed me before.
I couldn't believe he'd not only been captured but had told him about our home.

But it was undoubtedly one of my men who was brought into the house.

He must have been exhausted both physically and mentally, because as soon as he saw my face,
'I'm sorry, sir. I messed up...'
He immediately fainted.

A doctor was immediately sent for, and he was put to bed to meet the Earl of Snakes.
I had heard rumors about him from my subordinates, and I had seen his face at the wedding party of the Dauphin.
He was a young man who looked like he belonged anywhere.
His black hair and eyes were unusual, but other than that, he was a perfectly normal young man.
But I've never heard of a lieutenant colonel two years after joining the national army. Probably the first in the history of the army.

His Majesty's favorite.

I suppose that's true.
But that's based on performance.
There's something about her that he likes.

The Westin rebellion.
You've done a great deal of good in that case.
And the loyalty of a man who would take care of his own parents with his own hands.

His ability to restore his domain so quickly.

I had no trouble finding a reason to have him investigated.
Naturally I had it investigated.
My family is known as the foxes. We've survived the kingdom with great cunning. We've always done our research, and we've always prided ourselves on our ability to use the information we've gathered. But this is the result.

I apologized and was invited to the mansion later, where I was stunned in the entrance hall.

I was told in advance.
'There's a big snake in the house, so don't be surprised.
But it was too big.
But that thing was far too big.

And it's not just any snake.

A gigant tree viper.

It's a poisonous, vicious snake monster.
You'd keep that in your house? I questioned my sanity.
But it was rubbing against Count Snakes like it was spoiling him and wagging its tail when he stroked its head.
I was impressed that this was the skill of the demon wizard I had heard so much about.

We were able to conclude negotiations on equal terms.
Since there are many dwarves in our territory, we need to drink.
The dwarves would be happy to have the new brew I've heard so much about and I'm sure they'll make a good one.
I drank some of the wine they gave me, and it was quite good.

The Inesh is especially good when served warm.
I'm sure it will come in handy in the cold north.
We got off to a bad start, but it turned out well.
The souvenir chess is also of high quality. We only had mass-produced wooden ones in our territory.

I hope they don't know I spilled a drop.