A certain place, a certain house.
Dozens of men there.

'I can't allow that man to take a wife from the royal family!
'That's right! My family's grudge was ruined by a young man like him!
'He's the reason I was downgraded to sergeant!
Complaints about Patrick were being shouted everywhere.

'So! What do we do? Are we just going to let him get away with it?
'I can't let that happen!
'I can't stand it if we don't drive him to ruin!

'What about rampaging through his territory?
'How many people can you provide? How much money do you need to hire people? Do you have any?'
'We don't have any, our property was confiscated.
'What about property? My family's in ruins!

'You're lucky your family is still alive. My brother and his wife, my nephews, they're all going to be executed.'
'My family, too.
'We don't have the money, so we can't have many people. But a little harassment won't convince you, will it?'
'Of course not! I want his head!

'There's too many men in the territory, we'll have to go to King's Landing. Can you do it?
'Do you want to hire a few good men? Can't we manage a couple?
'Should we sneak them into the mansion? Or do we target them during military operations?
'That depends on the skills of the people we hire.
'Just give me what you can. I'll hire the best. Let them do the assassinations, and then we'll harass them individually as much as we can. It's the only way. That's all we can do now.


Patrick sold all the spies he captured to the mines, except those who could survive the first round of interrogations.
They were debt slaves.

In this country, criminal slaves and debt slaves are allowed. Criminal slaves are forced to work for the duration of their sentence.
Debt slaves are subject to normal labor until they pay back their debts through work.
Crimes committed in the territory shall be judged by the lord.

You could have been a criminal slave for the crime of trespassing, but there was no harm done to the people, nor was any property stolen. Since they were only trespassing on the property, Patrick set a price for each spouse he captured and sold them as debt slaves.
Later, when they were freed after paying their debts, he would use them as billboards to spread the word about the danger of the Snakes.

Apart from that, those who survived the round of interrogation were given a choice.

'Are you willing to work for us?

The Snakes are an upstart family.
The Rigsby's had men and knights to do some spying.
Well, they didn't seem to be able to afford it at the end.

I think I mentioned before that a knight-errant is a person who is recognized by the nobility, but how can a person who is recognized by the nobility become a knight-errant?

The reason is that the recognized nobles pay an annual knight tax of 10 gold coins to the royal family. Five gold coins are given to the knight-errant out of the tax.
The knight-errant who is appointed will be called a knight of the 00 family.
Just by appointing a knight, a nobleman loses money.

Patrick doesn't have a knight of his own yet.
He has no intelligence-gathering unit.

After enduring Patrick's first round of interrogation, the 29 of us accepted Patrick's offer.
Or perhaps they were too afraid to refuse.