120-invasion of the north

Northern Army

This army is deployed to stop the invasion of the tribes living in the northern mountainous area.

A small number of them attack several times a month, and each time they are driven off.
That hasn't happened for two months now.
Have they finally given up? That's when someone thought.

A watchman at the fort's observation post spots a group of them stirring.
The soldiers panicked and rang the bell provided.
'Enemy attack! Enemy attack!
while shouting.

Clang, clang, clang!
The soldiers in the fort begin to move at the sound of the bell.
The archers position themselves on the walls of the fort, the cavalry in their armor, the infantry with spears in their hands, and gather in front of the gate.
Major General Fischer, who had climbed to the top of the observation platform, was surprised to see the number of the enemy.
The numbers were so different from before.


'Commander Snakes. You are summoned by His Majesty.'
Patrick was summoned by Lieutenant General Simon.
He was summoned by His Majesty the General, the generals from the first to the third army, the Prime Minister, and the bureaucrats from the Foreign Ministry.

'You're all here. We will now begin the meeting. The agenda is how to respond to the great invasion of the northern tribes!
'What is the status of the Northern Army?
'According to the message, the number of the enemy is about 10,000. Two thousand from the north and two thousand from the noble families in the north. It seems they are defending the fort with 4,000 in total.
'We'll need reinforcements. Which army do you want this time?
'I'm thinking three and eight, what do you think?

'I can take three!
Patrick, too,
'I can go with the eighth!
'All right, Prime Minister. Arrange for food and other supplies.
'Yes, sir!
'Foreign Minister! What are the other countries doing?

'Yes, the Kingdom of Plum has no problem with us due to our friendship treaty. The Empire is under a non-aggression pact, so there will be no invasion of our country, but there is a possibility that it will be broken, so we cannot move the Western Army. According to the information from the spies who have infiltrated the Empire, a large amount of food is being exported from the Empire. They're probably giving aid to the North.
'They're probably importing iron in return.
'Alright, just to be on the lookout for the west, send five hundred from the south to the west, and another five hundred to guard King's Landing, which is getting thin. The Third and Eighth Armies will meet the Northern Army's reinforcements with all their might! That's it! Hurry up!
All rise,
''''' Gyoi!

The next day, the 3rd and 8th armies left the capital.