121-at the northern fort

When the third and eighth armies arrived at the northern fort with large amounts of food, spears and arrows, the fort was surrounded by mountain tribesmen.

'Commander Snakes!
Lieutenant General Ganash, the commander of the 3rd Army, called out to Patrick.
'Yes, Lieutenant General.
'We'll head straight for the fort, kick the tribesmen out, and enter the fort. What about you and the other eight?'

Patrick pondered for a few seconds, then answered.
'I'll leave part of the 8th's transport unit with the 3rd. The rest will go around to their rear and we'll split up here. I'll take the transport unit! When we launch a surprise attack, we'll emit black smoke, so use that as a signal!

'Yes, sir. Good luck.'

'Eight troops! The wagon train will move with the third army! Horse Guards, Horse Guards, move around to their rear! Get ready!
At Patrick's command, food and other supplies are packed from the wagons into individual backpacks.
'All right, we're going around, 8th Army depart!


The three armies attacked the tribesmen at the back gate of the fort from behind.
The tribesmen seemed to be thinking only of encircling the fort, and could not respond properly to the surprise attack from behind.
The three armies entered the fort without much damage.
The northern troops are excited to supply food and armor.
'Where is Major General Fischer?

Lieutenant General Ganash asked,
'He's on the observation platform above the main gate!
' replied a nearby soldier.

Lieutenant General Ganash went up to the observation platform,
'Major General Fischer, what's your status?
' he asked.

'Oh! Lieutenant General Ganash. Thank you for the reinforcements. There's no major damage at this time due to the siege, but there have been some injuries from the enemy's archers. However, there have been some injuries from the enemy's archers. There are too many of them for us to take them out.

'I see. I'm glad you didn't go out of your way. The number of soldiers is important. We came with three armies and eight armies, but it was all three armies and the eighth army's convoy that entered the fort. The rest of the eight troops are moving separately to go around the enemy's rear.

'The newly established 8th Army? I've only heard rumors about them since I've been here for a while, but how good are they?'

'Their training is tremendous. Not just the 3rd Army, even the Kingsguard screams. You can count on them.

'So much so⁉︎ Then, are you sure you want to stay in the city for a while longer?

'Yeah, we'll stay here until there's movement. We'll wait for Commander Snakes.