123-What is your parents?

'Black smoke for a signal!

Patrick instructed, and Mirko lit the coal he had stuffed in his backpack. As it burned, a large amount of black smoke rose.

Patrick had given the signal ahead of time to avoid being spotted by the enemy.
The eight armies defeated the tribesmen one after another.
The enemy soldiers were not skilled and only wielded spears.
The eight troops of the dragon troops had an overwhelming advantage.

The eight horse troops attacked a wide area with their bows and arrows.
They stabbed the backs of the fleeing enemies one after another.

Meanwhile, the fort to the north,
'We've got black smoke!
The fort's sentry shouts.

'Yes! Fire arrows at the enemy in front of the main gate! When their numbers are down, we'll leave at once!
The inside of the fort begins to move in a flurry.

Meanwhile, a trumpet sounded from the enemy side.
It's not just a trumpet. It is a trumpet of a magic tool, so it is quite loud.

'The enemy is retreating!
'Certainly! All right! Open the gate and charge!

As soon as the main gate was opened, the Kingdom's cavalry started running at once.
Kick the tribesmen to the center of the enemy.
The 3rd, 7th, and northern noble families push forward as if they were releasing their anger.
The cavalry run at the front, followed by the infantry.


The representatives of the mountain tribes were impatient.
Their attempt to surround the fortress, which they had been unable to attack, backfired.
Because they had used so many men to surround the fort, the number of men in the command post had dwindled.
Those soldiers, too, were attacked from the rear and are now being devoted to the defense of the fort.
And now we're being assaulted by cavalry from the fort.

'Yes, call back the soldiers surrounding us!
The bugle call sounds, but it takes some time for them to return to the command post. The enemy cavalry will reach the headquarters before the soldiers can return.

'What are we going to do? If we don't do something, we'll lose!
'Should we retreat and regroup?
'We're still outnumbered, aren't we?
'We can win if we regroup and try again!
'No, can we retreat?
'Either way, there's nothing we can do about it!
'Yes! Retreat! Give the signal!

The bugle call sounded again.
There was no time for the command staff to clear out, and each of them was busy preparing to flee.


and one by one, one by one, they began to fall.
'What's going on? Are they the enemy?'
'I don't know, sir! I don't know, but there are no arrows flying, and the wounds are only cuts!
'Anyway, let's get out of here!

'We can't let them get away. Especially you pompous bastards.
A voice came from right beside me.
'Who the hell are you?
The man took a step back in surprise,

'You started the war, didn't you? Then I think it's your responsibility to finish it. If you don't, your soldiers will be wiped out. Are you sure you want to lose your men for nothing?'

The man with the sword said,
'Shut up! They will all die of hunger if we don't! Do you understand that? You don't understand how it feels to have no food, to see your family and friends thin out, one by one, starving to death! Every time you go to the plains to look for food, you are turned away!

'Wouldn't you be more resigned if everyone had no food? I think it would be harder for you if your parents and siblings had a sumptuous meal and you were left without food and beaten and kicked by not only your parents and siblings but even your servants.

While brandishing a sword,
'You can't have parents like that! A parent can endure starvation for the sake of his children!

'Your parents are decent. My parents were such scum that they would lend their children of less than ten to acquaintances for a mere ten pieces of silver. But coming here to loot is unacceptable. Why don't you come to negotiate? Why don't you ask them to share their food with us and give us their labor?

He swung the sword down and raised it up,
''That would separate father and son, wouldn't it?

''Wouldn't it be better for us to live apart than to die together?
He took a step further,
'If we're separated, we can't be sure they're still alive!

'There are ways to do that. Well, okay. It's too late for that. I'm not going to kill you because you're valuable.'

At the same time, Patrick's right fist slams into his side after he dodges a downed sword, and the man falls to the ground.