Patrick reminisced about the past as he talked to his enemy.

In this life, when he was Rigsby, right after his mother's death, the persecution of Patrick had become more brutal.

Before that, he had been sarcastic and beaten in the shadows, but now they would come all the way to the annex to find him, bring him to the main building, beat him, and drag him to the dining hall.
The only thing available is a glass of water placed directly on the floor.

You are shown your parents and siblings eating.
When I reach out to drink some water, a servant kicks the glass of water.
The water spills.
I can't even drink it.
So Patrick learned to stay out of sight as much as possible.

That was for two years.
If it hadn't been for the servants who worked in the annex, who fed him and tended to his wounds, he would surely have died.

In his previous life, when he was a child, his father was not there, only his mother.
It is doubtful that he even had a father.

His mother was a gambler and in debt.
He lent a girl he met at a pachinko parlor to Patrick, then a schoolboy named Jin, for two days and one night for 100,000 yen. He told her she could do whatever she wanted.
That's when the boy Jin started getting dirty.
He loses his virginity to a woman he's never met before.

He's often told by his parents to go and steal that product.
When he is found by a shopkeeper, he is beaten up in front of the shopkeeper and turned in to the police, but he manages to avoid it.

A child who spends his childhood like that will never grow up properly.
The boy, who was not even allowed to attend high school, lived a life full of part-time jobs, but his mother took the money from him. As a result, he began to steal repeatedly in order to eat.

While living like this, he catches the eye of a gangster and becomes a member.
He beats and kicks street hoodlums to bring them under his control, collects kickbacks from brothels, and shoots and kills leaders of rival gangs as bullets.
In the meantime, several years passed, and Jin became a senior member of the organization.

He was told by the boss to smuggle weapons, and went to Russia alone.
There, he falls in love with the daughter of a local mafioso, but is shot and killed by a local mobster who was targeting her.

'I didn't have a very good life, did I?

Patrick muttered to himself after capturing the enemy.