125-interrogation at the fort

Patrick appears at the fort, holding the man's ankle and dragging his head.

Already there are no tribesmen around the fort, and the Royal Guards have begun repairing it.
They're preparing for what's next.

In the interrogation room, Patrick's interrogation begins, and after the second round of fingernails are removed, the man's spirit is broken and he begins to ramble on.

This man, the chief of the largest tribe, was the main culprit in this war.
It seems that he was told to leave for the kingdom because the empire would provide him with food.
They suggested that food would be cheaper as long as the fighting continued.

'In other words, it's a strategy to reduce the strength of the kingdom as much as possible. The Empire is also cunning.
'But even if we questioned the Empire, they wouldn't admit it.
The Lieutenant General and the Major General who were present were shocked by Patrick's interrogation, but they remained conscious.
The guards in the room, at the beginning, had gotten nauseous and left the room.

'What do we do now?'

Patrick asked, and Lieutenant General Ganash said,
'I'm afraid we'll have to report to His Majesty and ask for his decision.
He replied.

'Yes, sir. I'll send a message from the Seventh Army. Can I ask the 3rd and 8th troops to wait here at the fort? I'd like to give the Seventh Army some rest. '
Major General Fischer bows his blond head.

'Then let's have the messenger run from the third army. Lieutenant Colonel Snakes, the Eighth Army, take care of the perimeter.'
Lieutenant General Ganash decides.

'Understood, sir. I'll take care of this.'

After Patrick leaves the interrogation room,

'Hey? Fischer.'

'Yes, sir...'

'Can you stand?'

'I can't. I'm too weak...'

'Me too. Is there anyone who won't throw up?'

'I don't think so, honestly, I'm afraid of the Commander...'

'I think I finally understand why His Majesty is demanding it.

'Does His Majesty know about the interrogation?

'He may have heard about it, but he didn't see it. I can't show you that.


He looked at the unconscious man who had been freed from Patrick,

'It's a shame this guy got caught by the Reaper.

'The Red Reaper, that's exactly what he was. His whole body was red with blood, and only his black eyes were raised, causing some of the Seventh Army to collapse in fear.

'Try taking his training, you'll all fall down.

'Even the third army?

'Not just the 3rd, the 1st and 2nd have collapsed. Even the Kingsguard!

'I don't want to take it.

'Are you ready to move?

''I can't yet...''

''Is anyone coming?''

The two voices came together.