126-The messenger is busy.

Three horses run. Three armies of soldiers on their backs.
The goal is the royal castle in the capital.

'This is the messenger! Please open the gate!
The gatekeepers quickly confirm their affiliation and open the gates to the approaching cavalry.
The soldiers of the three armies immediately report to General Andretti.
General Andretti hears the report,
'Thank you! I'll ask His Majesty, so rest up!
and runs off.


'I see, well done to the 3rd, 8th, and 7th armies. They had the Empire's backing after all. They have dirty ways. What should we do now? What do you think, Prime Minister?
The king asks.

'Huh! If we leave the north as it is, we are certain to be attacked from the west and the north at the same time. It would be better to incorporate the north into our country and prepare for an attack on the empire from the north as well. Our country has an abundance of food, so it would not be a problem to take in the mountain tribes.

'What do you think Andretti?
'I think it's a good idea to control the mountainous areas. If we can keep the tribesmen as soldiers, they will be a threat to the Empire.

'All right, then! Overrun the mountainous region. But keep the damage to the residents to a minimum. Don't let them interfere with your subsequent rule. Send additional food and use it to pacify them! Good!

''Yes, sir!''

''So, Patrick's still a hell of a guy.

''From the reports I've read, he's something of a monster. No, I beg your pardon. He was married to Her Royal Highness, wasn't he?''

'Good, good, don't worry about it. His abilities will certainly be like that in the field. He doesn't seem to be suited for single combat, though.'

'The enemy can't find him. There's no better soldier for the field.

'What do you think, Prime Minister Bendrick?

'I don't know much about his skills, but I understand he's quite capable, even with his recent revelations of wrongdoing.

'Isn't that right? I'm glad I was able to marry her off to a good man, but I wonder what I should do with the other four. Do you know anyone who would be a good match?'

'Your Majesty, are you asking us that? Wouldn't that upset the balance?

'Do we have to give them to nobles who are rebellious against the royal family? Why should we give them our sons and daughters when all they want is to find fault with the royal family?

'A civil war here would be just what the Empire wants.

'I know. But what I don't like, I don't like. Well, I'll think it over. Hurry up with the first thing.

''Yes, sir!

The 3rd Army Commander is heading north again with the 2nd Army's transport unit. Pack food, weapons and medicine.