127-Battle or surrender?

The messenger has returned to the north fort. With a large supply of food.

'A letter of command from His Majesty. Your Majesty's orders are to subdue the mountainous region and bring it into the Kingdom.'
The Lieutenant General read and declared the order and showed it to the Major General and Patrick.

'So, how do we move? The Seventh Army will stay at the fort for now, rest and provide logistical support?
Patrick asks.

'Mm, that's right. Let's take the three less exhausted armies and bring food to the villages in the mountainous areas and negotiate. What about the eighth army?

'Then, we'll drop the rebellious villages. We'll take care of the villages that didn't respond to the three armies' negotiations. We'll move with them first.'

'Are you sure? It's dirty work, right?'

'Our mission is rear distraction, assassination.

'No, but... Will the soldiers accept it?

'Soldiers are tasked with carrying out the orders of their superiors.'

'That's true, but...'

'Well, if it comes to it, I can do it on my own.

'That's a problem, but...'

'It's war, you know. The other side has invaded us. If we'd lost, they'd have done the same to us. It's not a problem.


The Royal Army's control of the mountainous region proceeded quietly.
When they were shown food and told that they would be freed from hunger if they were annexed to the kingdom, many of the villages fell easily. They were that hungry.
However, there were many villages that resisted.
The three armies left the resisting villages untouched. Of course, those villages that challenged them head-on were mercilessly cut down by those with weapons.


Those settlements that refused but did not engage in battle were considering their future plans.

'Can't we just take their food?'

'How about we take their cargo to the other settlements that are dominated by the kingdom?

'Would that work?

'The reason for the earth is here. Let's stake them out in the best places to attack, such as narrow roads and cliffs!
The men are discussing it.

'Chief? What's wrong with you?
One man became suspicious of the chief's silence and turned his head toward the chief.

What he saw was the headless body of the man who had been the chief a few minutes ago.
It was a corpse without its head.

' screamed the men,
Patrick thinks to himself.

'Hey! Let's run for now!
The man said,


At the same time as he moaned, two heads fell with a thud.

'Hey, it's over!
As if in response to Patrick's voice, the door of the house opens.
'Well done, Commander. What do you want me to do with the heads?
Mirko asks, looking at the three heads on the floor.

'I think I'll put them in a prominent place in the village. After frightening them, let's surround them with eight troops and resume negotiations.

'Yes, sir. And I'm going to expose them? I'm afraid they'll find me.

'What are you training to hide for? If you're spotted, run over here. If you can't escape from these people, we'll re-train you when we get back!

'No, you can't come back if you can't escape.
'Just go!

'Yes, sir.
Mirko wraps three heads in a cloth and leaves the house.

He leaves the village with Mirko who has returned.

The next day, Patrick surrounds the village with the 8th Army.

'You have one hour from now to choose between surrender and engagement!
If you surrender, I'll let you off with just the heads of the three men from yesterday, but if you engage, you'd better prepare yourself!

Under Patrick's direction, Private First Class Dave, famous for his loud voice, shouted.

An hour later, the men of the village appear with what looks like a white flag.