129-butler's sigh

The control of the mountainous region was finally complete.

The defiled 8th Army decided to return to the royal capital as soon as possible, leaving the 3rd and 7th armies in their wake.

At a town on the way, the 8th Army held a party to relax and consolation, and Patrick ended up spending 5 gold coins.
I mean..,
'What's five gold coins for 300 people drinking?
Patrick regretted saying he was buying the drinks.
A banquet costing five million yen in Japanese yen would be a complaint.

Well, it seems that he had a lot of heartache from killing someone, so I hope he's healed even a little.

I returned safely to the capital and reported to His Majesty.
'Commander Snakes, thank you for your hard work. The 8th Army will allow you five days' leave. Rest well.'
The King said,
'Thank you for your consideration.
and to all the men of the Eight after the audience,
'Five days' leave! Get some rest!
and disband them.

So, Patrick returned to the mansion in King's Landing,

'What are these guys?
He asks the butler.
There are three men tied up with ropes at the entrance.

'These are the men who broke into the house last night. They're quite good, the guard was injured, we were in danger...'

'How badly is the soldier hurt? Will the potion be enough to heal him? Are the servants safe?'

'Yes, sir. The potions healed most of them and we are unharmed. As soon as we sneaked into the villa, the master's servants captured them.'

'Hmm? Pichan?
Patrick said, looking at Pichan.
Pichan snaked her way across the floor and came to Patrick.
He pats Pichan's head,
'Did Pichan catch you?
The image somehow flows into my mind.

The image of Pichan knocking down one of the intruders with her tail, then wrapping around them and breaking all their bones.

'Yeah, yeah, that's great, Pichan. Let's go to the forest for all-you-can-eat tomorrow morning!
Patrick's words put Pichan in a good mood, wagging his tail.

'So, did you interrogate him?
I asked Astria,
'I did, but he didn't spit anything out.

'That's because you're not doing it right. Come with me. I'll teach you.
The butler's face turned pale.

'Oh, you want me to do that?

'If you keep relying on my interrogation, you'll be in trouble when I'm not around.
'Oh, yes, that's true, but can I do it? I mean, can you do it?
'You'll get used to it, you'll get used to it!

I'm not going to get used to it, but I can't say it out loud.
The master's order is a matter to be carried out.


A small sigh was heard.