130-guidance for interrogation

Astria turns away and sticks a needle in the intruder's finger.
'Hey! Because you turned away, it's stuck in a place that's not between your nails! Look properly! Shake and turn it after you've stuck it in! That'll amplify the pain! No, no, no! Like this. Like this.
Patrick shows me a sample.

'Okay? When you're removing a nail, you start here with a pincers like this...'

'When you break a bone, be careful not to break through the skin...'

'It's important to look like you haven't done enough!

'The key is to not bleed so that the potion can heal...'

Patrick's explanation and demonstration continued, and Astria was made to do the same.

During this time, the screams of the three intruders are heard.

Patrick is unconcerned, but to Astria's ears, the screams ring loud and clear.

'As a final threat to anyone who doesn't fall after two rounds, I'm going to stick this needle with a hole in it into a vein, well, a blood vessel! I'll stick it in here and bleed you out. And then this container will catch the blood, and by the time it's full, you'll be dead. Countdown to life. This is gonna work! No one's ever fallen from this!

After Patrick's thankless lecture, Astria collapsed on the couch, her energy exhausted.

Then the gatekeeper came in,
'My lord, Count Abbot's messenger is here.
He tells Patrick.


There's a knock at the door,
'Come in. '
Patrick tells him.

The Earl of Abbot's messenger is brought in.
A sharp-eyed man, about 50 years old, slightly shorter than Patrick. Short brown hair, brown eyes.

'Hey, Conan, right? It's been a while.
Patrick called out to him.

'Long time no see. I did not wish to see you again, but I have come as a messenger by order of the Count.
The man called Conan replied.

Yes, he is the interloper of the Abbotts who was questioned by Patrick about the incident.

'Well, don't say that. You've been through the ringer, and I recognize your guts. So? What do you want?

'The Count has something urgent to tell you. He can come to me or to Abbott's residence, which do you prefer?

'I'm in the middle of questioning the interloper who snuck in last night. Tell him I'd like him to come over if he can.'

Conan felt nauseous at the mention of an interrogator,
'Yes, sir. Then I will return immediately and tell him. If you'll excuse me.

He hurriedly left.