131-to refrain from

Less than an hour later, Count Abbott arrived at the house.

'You've just returned from an expedition, and some interloper has broken in?
Patrick was asked,
Patrick replied, 'Yes, my Pee-chan, the snake by the door, she caught it.
He replied,
'It may have something to do with that, but according to the information that our intelligence department has obtained, there are people who want to kill Count Snakes and His Highness Thornalis. Here are the details of the information we have.
He handed him several sheets of paper.

Patrick took them,
'I'll take a look.
He begins to read.

'Well, that's a lot more detailed than what the spies told us! That's very helpful. It seems that the spies only knew their employer. But you've got some nerve fighting with me. I'll show you something.

'So the intruder is related to this?

'Yes, they were planning to attack me when I came home tired. Count Abbott, this is just a suggestion, but would you like to take a stab at getting back at me? Of course I'll return the favor.'

'Bite you for what, exactly?

'Well, you know...'

Count Abbott looked dumbfounded,

'How could you come up with something like that again? But can you do it?
I asked.

'Well, I think I can manage it. We may need a little permission, but we'll do it as soon as we get it.

'Well, it doesn't seem to be a loss to us, so we can bite the bullet. It'll ruin your reputation again.

'It's too late for that. A young man from an upstart family is finished if he's licked. Strike while the iron's hot! That's what I say.
Don't worry, we'll take care of the dirty work.
Would you like to see the interrogation?
Patrick asked,

'No, thanks...'