132-cry out for

The next day, early in the morning, Patrick got into the carriage with Pichan and headed for the nearby forest.

'Come on, go on.
After sending Pichan off, he climbs up on a nearby tree and looks around.

After about two hours, Pichan came back after eating all he could. She was twice as fat as usual.

'We'll have to look into getting a new carriage, we won't be able to ride in it soon.
Patrick decides to order a bigger carriage.

When he returned to the villa, he was greeted by a kneeling Astria,

'I can't do it! Please let someone else do it! I beg you! I beg you! I'll do anything! I couldn't sleep last night with that voice in my ears! I can still hear it now!

She cried and begged me.
I'm sure it's just my imagination, but...

'It's no use, go get Ein.
Patrick gives me a name.

The spies he'd hired, the men he'd put in charge of the twenty-nine.
He was only twenty years old, but he was the one with the most guts, so he appointed him.
How did he show his guts?
He was the only man to survive two rounds of Patrick's interrogation and have his blood drained.
Respected by the others.

'My lord, I was told you wanted to see me?
A slender man with red hair appeared, not much taller than Patrick. His thin, piercing blue eyes were striking.

'Ah, Ein, you're here. I'm assigning you to interrogate him. Since you're a spies and an experienced interrogator, you know how to do it and you'll be perfect. Astrid's been whining. I'll add a gold coin to your pay!

She seemed a bit confused,
'It's an order from the lord, I accept... but may I take one more with me?

He didn't want to take one.

'No problem, I'll let you choose.

'Thank you, sir. I'll leave you to it.

'Oh, and call back all the spies. I've got work to do.'

'It'll take a few days, if that's all right.

'Will five days be enough?

'I'll see what I can do.

'Okay, then.